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Membrane bio-reactor

Our MBR systems are a combination of biological treatment and an Ultra-Filtration Membrane process which provides us with the level of treatment required to meet the parameters in which we are required to meet. The UF MBRs are the latest and greatest technology on the market today and like our service, we pride ourselves on our level of treatment.


Each of our plants have a telemetry system that shows real-time data and generate daily reports that help us determine the overall performance of the plant. Wi-Fi capability allows us to remotely control certain components within the system which greatly reduces the need for manpower in the field.


​Our treatment systems are housed in a 20' sea can that is mounted on a 26' skid. They weigh approximately 15,000 lbs and can be easily transported by a winch tractor. Each system requires a 120/208V 3Ph 100A receptacle to power the system and has a holding capacity of 15m3

How do our systems work?

Wastewater first enters the treatment plant through a collection system consisting of pumps and hoses into the Primary Clarifier tank. It is in the Primary Clarifier where the separation of solids begins to take place.

From here, the wastewater flows into the Equalization tank which is where the aerobic digestion process begins. Oxygen is supplied to this tank to begin the breakdown of organic matter however the main function of this tank is to accommodate high volumes of inflow from the camp and well-sites.

Wastewater is then pumped over to the aeration tank where the aerobic digestion continues and secondary clarification takes place.

Another pump then carries wastewater to the Membrane Bio-reactor to filter out any remaining contaminants. Out Ultra-Filtration Membranes have a pore size of .04 microns which eliminate harmful bacteria such as cholera and giardia. Once the water has passed through the MBR, it goes through a UV filter and out into an engineered discharge field. It is here that the final stage of treatment occurs (tertiary treatment), where accepting soils polish the treated effluent.

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